Our Mission

Horizon Home Health lives by the basic values that help you maintain quality of life in the comfort of your own home. We care for individuals of all ages and in all stages of life.  We help people after surgery, when illness or health conditions require more assistance, and when curing the disease is no longer a realistic goal.  We are a locally owned, family grown company with more than 20 years of experience caring for people at home. We know the importance of family and we are here to treat your family like our own.  We hold listening as a core value. Our staff uses the input to respond with compassion and understanding.

Customer Comments

I highly recommend Horizon Hospice. They were extremely helpful getting my mom back to St George so she could pass peacefully in her own home. My mom lived with us part time in San Diego for all of her medical care for ovarian cancer. When the time came that treatment was no longer an option, we really wanted to get her back to her home for her last days. We thought we may have waited too long but Horizon Hospice really helped us with this process. They were waiting for us at her house as we drove into her garage. They were truly amazing. My mom was able to spend her last nine days of her life in her house that she loved so much. I will always be grateful to Horizon Hospice for helping us honor my mom’s wishes. – Amy Rayan
They are so personable and so caring. Every single person I have dealt with at Horizon could not be better at their profession.
Their medical director was so knowledgeable. The doctor really took the time to explain what every medication did for me and I learned so much. He even came to my home since going to the office is so difficult. I felt like my own understanding of my own illness mattered and I was valued.
I would love to be a spokesperson for Horizon! Every single one of them is precious and caring. They have to drive 35 minutes to get to my home and they always make me feel like they are happy to see me and I am the sunshine in their day when really they are the sunshine in mine. It is a huge relief to know they truly care about my well-being.
I own a Personal Care Agency in St George, UT. I talked to client of ours who needed in-home Physical Therapy, I recommended Melode at Horizon! They called her & called her but she wouldn’t answer the phone. Melode ended up just sending a nurse out to knock on the door. Our client was able to get the PT she needs even with a broken phone!

Thanks Melode & Horizon!!!!

Horizon Hospice was a very compassionate, caring company. They went out of their way to see to the patient (my father) and our family needs. They kept him comfortable in his passing.
The great folks at Horizon Hospice Specialists took great care of my mother in law. My wife and sister in law were taking care of her in San Diego and had the help of a hospice unit there. She really wanted to come home and see here house and everything before passing on so my wife and brother in law put her in the car in San Diego and my wife drove her to her home in St. George. When she arrived I and the great people at Horizon Hospice were there to greet her and help make everything comfortable for her. She was able to spend the last days of her life comfortable in her own home surrounded by family and friends. Thank you to all of the great people at Horizon Hospice who took care of Granny like she was one of your family members!